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It’s looking like JLS’ Beat Again will fall to no.2 or 3 this week as Black Eyed Peas are at no.1 in the mid week charts.

John Barrowman’s latest tune has broken the top 30 and Beyonce’s latest attempt is said to be charting in the top 10.

The official weekly charts are released tomorrow, in other news Kylie Minogue’s 1987 no.1 I Should be So Lucky has re-entered the Australian Charts at no.4. The song is 22 years old and was the second highest selling song of the decade (the 1st being Kylie’s cover of The Locomotion)

We’ll post the top 40 tomorrow as it is announced

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UK Girlgroup the Saturdays have supposedly been lined up to Suppost Kylie’s North American and Canadian tour in September.

Pop godes Kylie has come to blows again with boyfriend Andres as he says she is too controlling, Andres is the face of Kylie’s new fragrance which is due to be released soon and a mole says that Andres thinks Minogue is too much of a perfectionist.

It’s about time Kylie dumped Andres.

Kylie and Andres in the picture that told the world of their romance

Kylie and Andres in the picture that told the world of their romance

X Factor Contestant is apperating at the CRC in my home town. Call venue for tickets.

Having 19 viewers searching for this, you can download the tour at

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duet This is Kylie with a lucky 12 year old at the launch of Sexy Darling in Sydney. The girl had wowed the crowds with a rendition of Cosmic. After hearing about this, Kylie invited her up onto the stage to sing a duet of White Diamond with her. The child started sobbing, but after Kylie hugged her, she calmed down and they both performed the ballad writted by Minogue for her 2007 tour, Showgirl Homecoming.

This is what the song sounds like…

Rihanna, due to sing with JLS has pulled out of the X Factor Final. Instead it will be as follows:

Ougan – Boyzone

JLS – Westlife

Alexandra – Beyonce